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Our customers are saving money as we speak.

E. buys 5’000 EUR
Saved 117.59 CHF
M. buys 10’500 EUR
Saved 250.79 CHF
F. buys 5’000 EUR
Saved 117.66 CHF
M. buys 9’000 EUR
Saved 220.46 CHF
F. buys 5’000 EUR
Saved 121.74 CHF
R. sells 650 EUR
Saved 15.17 CHF

>50 Million CHF

transferred every month


25 thousand

Swiss customers


>10 Million CHF

saved by customers every year

Why should I use ExchangeMarket?

ExchangeMarket is...



ExchangeMarket is an online platform which follows the highest standards of digital security. We are affiliated to the SRO PolyReg, which fulfills the legal supervisory and monitoring obligations towards EM Exchange Market GmbH. SRO PolyReg is a self-regulatory organization recognized by the federal government and is subject to supervision by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.



Together we are strong and can achieve the benefits of the biggest players on the market. By being part of our community you can profit from the great exchange rates we have regardless of the amount of change.



Our services are completely free of charge. No matter how much you change, we do not charge you any fees, neither for small amounts or bank transfers.



Banks are big, expensive and need to earn a lot of money. ExchangeMarket is a one purpose platform, and if you focus on just one thing, you will deliver it at its best.

Swiss made

Swiss made

Like cheese and chocolate, we are locals. We are a Swiss company based in Zurich focused on the Swiss market.

An online exchange service for all

Compare our prices

You earn in Francs, but live in the Euro Zone?

Better EUR CHF exchange rates even for smaller amounts – if you are not changing millions you are definetely better served by our online exchange service.

For small and medium-sized enterprises

Change money as much as you want, when you want and how often you want – Our excellent exchange rates, regardless of the amount, give your business the greatest possible flexibility.

It's easy!

It takes only 4 steps to change money

Register Online

1. Register Online

You only need to register online. It takes 2-3 minutes and is completely free of charge. Try it out.
Select Amount

2. Select Amount

After your account is set up, select the amount you want to change. For the beginning you can choose to change 100 Euro to see how it works.
Confirm Transaction

3. Confirm Transaction

You see in a summary the exchange rate, how much you pay and how much you receive. Just confirm if you are ok.
Transfer Amount

4. Transfer Amount

All set. Now you need to make the payment from your bank to exchange market and as soon as your payment arrives, we make a payment back to your bank account.

What differentiates ExchangeMarket from the competitors


You always know at what exchange rate you are exchanging your money

We guarantee you the exchange rate at the moment you make the transaction and do not wait for your payment to tell you at what exchange rate we will change your money.


All payments are free of any charge

No matter how much you change.


Strict Swiss norms

As a Swiss company active in the financial industry, we follow the strict norms of the Swiss financial centre.


Super easy registration

The registration is super easy. If you want to change up to CHF 5’000 per month, a simple online registration is enough. You don’t need to send us any documents.


We are specialized in the Euro / Swiss France exchange

It's the only thing we do. This way we can offer you our customers an unbeatable EUR/CHF exchange rate.


Transparent exchange rates

Our exchange rates are no mystery. We proudly present them clear and concisely on our home page and guarantee them to our customers.


Small or big, we give equal care to our customers

We treat all our customers as good as we can. Customers that are changing smaller amount receive the same conditions and exchange rates as the biggest customers.

Clients say

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More about ExchangeMarket

Is safe?

Absolutely. We are affiliated to the SRO PolyReg, which fulfills the legal supervisory and monitoring obligations towards EM Exchange Market GmbH. SRO PolyReg is a self-regulatory organization recognized by the federal government and is subject to supervision by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.

In addition, all bank accounts of are held by Swiss banks – the Geneva Cantonal Bank (BCGE) and the Zurich Cantonal bank (ZKB).

All data transmitted to us is encrypted with an SSL certificate. This certificate was issued to EM Exchange Market GmbH by SwissSign AG, a subsidiary of Swiss Post.

As when you open a bank account, we also send you an activation code by post. We take this effort to identify you in a non-electronic way to make sure nobody is acting on your behalf. Secure is secure.

In this way we cover all relevant safety aspects. The security of our business model, the security of your money in Swiss banks, the security of your data and the security of your identity.

If you have further questions, please contact us: Contact

Swiss company?

Yes, 100%. We are a Swiss company based in Zurich.

We are exclusively focused on the Swiss market and have set ourselves the goal of being the best in Switzerland.

We want to offer the best euro franc exchange rate in Switzerland – for all, regardless of how much you want to change and this 100% with no fees.

Our customers are:

  • Cross border employees who change Swiss Francs into Euro on a regular basis
  • Persons who want to purchase a house abroad and are looking for the best exchange rate
  • People from Switzerland who want to buy a car abroad and therefore want to change money with a good euro franc exchange rate.
  • People who want to change smaller amounts to the best possible eur chf exchange rate
  • Companies that export or import and are reliant on a good EUR CHF rate or good CHF EUR rate.

As a Swiss company, we focus on local needs and that’s how our business model is designed.

All transactions are conducted within Switzerland, which guarantees a safe and fast transaction. You never have to make a payment abroad and you are always on the safe side.

In addition, as a Swiss company in the financial area, we are subject to all regulatory aspects of the Swiss finance system.

Why only Euro and Swiss Francs?

We specialize in the Euro-Franc currency exchange. We do not offer other currencies and we do not pursue other business models.

The best EUR CHF exchange rate in Switzerland is our goal and we are 100% focused on it.

How can I change money at ExchangeMarket?

This is super easy. You can just try out.

It’s like shopping in an online store. You select a product, you pay for it and it will be delivered to you. This is exactly how works

1. Choose:
You can buy euro and sell francs
You can sell euros and buy francs

Enter the amount and confirm the transaction. Done – you have made a transaction.

2. Make payment:
After the transaction you have to make the payment. ExchangeMarket has no permission to debit money from your bank account. We never do this. Therefore, you must make the payment for the purchased currency by your own in your online banking. This two-step process in two different systems is for your safety. You will receive all details for the payment by e-mail.

3. Receive payment:
Once your payment has arrived, we will arrange the payment of the purchased currency to your bank account.

You can track the status of the transactions live in the system. Once the transaction is completed you will receive a confirmation email.

How can I register?

Simply online. For a basic profile, you do not need to send us any documents. Sign up online and receive the activation code by post the next day. With the code you can activate your account and you immediately start changing money.

I work in Switzerland and live abroad

Perfect! Our service is tailored exactly for you. Thousands of cross-border commuters are already changing EUR and CHF at We offer you the best EUR CHF exchange rate, whether you buy euros and sell francs or, the other way around, sell euros and buy francs.

You can simply try our service by signing up for free and making a first transaction (starting at 100 Euro). Our service is completely free of charge and you just have to fill out the online form. The next day you will receive an activation code by post which you can use to activate your profile at Once you have done that, you can go ahead and do a first transaction.

With our currency converter you can check how much you can save per transaction or per transaction volume. Compare our exchange rate with others get convinced. You find our EUR CHF currency converter here.

I would like to buy a house abroad

If you want to change a larger amount, it is important to put safety and trust first. As a Swiss company, we are supervised by the Swiss authorities. We work exclusively with Swiss banks (ZKB and BCGE) and guarantee that your money never leaves Switzerland.

Every day our customers change very large amounts and have a great experience with Since is free of charge, you can easily divide larger amounts into several small amounts. Try it out and see how easy it is.

At you will find the best exchange rate for euro and swiss francs. Check out and see how much you can save with ExchangeMarket. Here is the link to our eur chf currency converter.

I want to buy a car abroad

Looking for the best Euro Swiss Franc exchange rate to buy a car abroad? You are not alone. Our customers appreciate not only the good EUR CHF exchange rate, but also the quick and easy handling. Simply log in online and try

Our customers have a great experience with Changing francs and euros has never been so easy. Join us now

My euro bank account is abroad

To make a transaction at, you need a CHF bank account in a Swiss bank which is in your name and a EUR bank account which is also in your name. The EUR bank account can be either in Switzerland or in another SEPA country. You can therefore make the payment to your EUR bank account abroad.

So, we will not only offer you the best EUR CHF exchange rates, but also transfer the funds to your EUR account abroad completely free of charge.

How many people use

We have thousands of customers and going up every day. So far, all our customers have had positive experiences with

Do you want to change your money at the best exchange rate? Then sign up for free and try It’s completely free of charge and you can make a first transaction and change 100 Euro to see how works (smooth as butter). Register now – you can only win.

How much can I save?

Best Euro Franc exchange rate? You found it – at

Our customers usually save 2 – 3% of the transaction volume. Regardless of whether you buy euros or sell euros, as an online currency exchange we can offer you the best exchange rates for the EUR CHF pair.

Are there any fees?

No, absolutely no fees – that is the foundation of our company. Euro exchange should be free of charge. As an online exchange office, we strive to offer you the best conditions. Without fees, you can buy euros as many times as you want. You do not need to change large amounts.

You want to change 100,000 francs and buy euros and a good exchange rate is important to you? You can do this in one transaction, but also in 100 transactions of CHF 1’000. is a currency exchange that is flexible and does not bind you to amounts or transactions. You will always have the best Euro Franc exchange rate when changing money and you will never be charged any fees – regardless of the amount you change.

How much can I change?

With a basic profile, you can change up to CHF 5,000 per month (30 days). To have access to best exchange rates, you only need to make an online registration – and yes, it’s for free.

If you want to change larger amounts at once, you can open a free full profile. For this we need a signed Form A and a certified copy of your identification document. Further information on opening a full profile can be found HERE.

Best exchange rate?

You want to change Euro and are looking for an exchange office where a good exchange rate is offered to you regardless of the amount?

Compare us to others and see yourself – check how much you save using our EUR CHF currency converter.

ExchangeMarket is an exchange bureau that stands for transparency. Our EUR CHF exchange rates are displayed directly on our homepage, and that is also the exchange rate to which you can change francs and change euros. The EUR CHF exchange rate is guaranteed and will not change after you have made a transaction. This distinguishes us from others. You know from the start exactly how much you get for your money.

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