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About Us

Currency exchange made easy and fair

At ExchangeMarket we make currency exchange for people like you super easy, fair and flexible.

Our service is based on the premise that each customer is special. We strive every day to take from our customers all worries of changing their francs and euros and make sure that they save real money.

Fairness is part of our DNA. This is why we treat all our customers as good as we can.

Customers that are changing smaller amounts receive the same conditions and exchange rates as the biggest customers.

Our exchange rates are no mystery. We proudly present them clear and concisely on our home page and guarantee them. You always know at what exchange rate you are exchanging your money.

We work to guarantee that you can focus on what really matters in life without having to think on making the most out of your money – Trust us, this is on our side!




We have our accounts at the Zurich Cantonal Bank. All our payment transactions are going to this bank and coming from this bank.

Swiss Finance Startups


We are a member of Swiss Finance Startups, the biggest Fintech association in Switzerland. We are happy to actively participate in the development of the Swiss Fintech scene and contribute with our experience to make the market available for future ideas.




EM Exchange Market GmbH is part of the self-regulatory organization PolyReg. This fulfills the legal supervisory and monitoring obligations.



Our compliance to the Swiss regulations is regularly checked by AML Revisons AG.

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